“The 2010 campaign for La Habra City Council was challenging and exciting.  On November 2nd, we came close, but Mike Blazey was chosen for the open seat being vacated by Mayor Steve Simonian.  Heavily-funded slate campaigns are always difficult to overcome, but my campaign remained true to its pledge of running honestly and solidly on my own record.  I believe we had the support of those voters who examined that record and who listened to the candidates during the course of the campaign.

Now it’s my hope that the council will pursue my campaign platform of attracting new business to La Habra and making it easier for existing businesses to prosper here.  I also hope that emphasis is placed on public safety and on keeping gangs and drugs out of our community.  Finally, it is my hope that the council will always act with integrity, transparency and in good-faith.  I hope that the next Community Services Commissioner is chosen properly by announcing the vacancy publicly and by conducting interviews.

Personally, this campaign required enormous effort from both me and Carol, and time with our family was regularly sacrificed.  My community involvement has been very heart-felt and time-consuming.  Now it is important for Carol and I to place renewed focus on our family life and to take a well-deserved break.

I have enormous gratitude, love and respect for the many supporters and volunteers who helped us.  Here are just a few: Bill Daly, Ross Johnson, Taleen Ghazarian, Natalie Noravian, Mary Gaede, Jeanne Moffitt, Sharon Brown, Tom Sarnecki, Molly Muro, Lori Crial-Peterson, Dave Collins, Phyllis Bailey, Patricia and Gary Bird, Leiann Ortega, Rich Hermann, Dennis Barton, Juan Pulido, Kathy Mendez, Cheryl McSwain-Cooley, Kelly Julian, and above all, my brilliant and devoted Field Coordinator, Susan Freeze.

Of course, without my wife Carol, no campaign would’ve been possible, nor would any of the good things in my life.  Finally, thank-you to all my generous financial contributors, including the incredible assistance of Paul “The King” Goldenberg and the special help from John D’Angelo, Luis Ornelas and Alberto Perez, just to name a few.

La Habra is an extraordinary community and my passion for its future remains un-dimmed.  As for my future community service, the only thing certain is that now it’s time for a rest.  Beyond that lies a path that shall reveal itself in good time.”